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Should I stretch?

Exercise Science
I am sure many lf us have skipped stretching because we tend to think that we might not need to since it does not apply directly to our goal of losing weight, building muscle, improving cardio, etc.

The main purpose of stretching is to lengthen the muscle fibres within a muscle, resulting the whole muscle group of fibres to seperate from its origin and insertion points. This is exceptionally beneficial for the posture through the releasing of these fibres where such have grown tight. When fibres recover too close together after healing, you lose some range of motion in these affected muscles which in return pulls on the opposing muscle group (also called the antagonist) and weakening it. It is common to experience slower recovery as bloodflow and distribution of nutrients is being limited to a tight muscle. Nerve impingement is another problem that may occur giving false nerve signaling leading to headaches and the feeling of being injured. Now, everyone does not necessarily have to stretch, in fact, there is plenty of people that are hyperflexible meaning that they go beyond the normal range of motion. This puts muscles in akward positions, making them weak and more prone to injury. These individuals have to instead get more ”tight” and essentially get stronger in those muscle departments to prevent over stretching. Are you guys starting to see the pattern here? It is all about balance and we basically have to stretch too strong muscles and strengthen the weaker ones to remain in a optimal postural alignment. Here are some important notes on why it is good to have an normal muscle length: - Improved bloodflow, better nutrient and oxygen distribution leading to faster recovery. - Better performing muscles. - Posture is deeply correlated with mood such as confidence and feeling energetic. - Looking more attractive or even taller. - Better results! #Fittr #Fittraustralia

Greville Nathan

I talked to a sports medical practioner. He is well immersed in weight lifting as well as stretching. However he says and literature indicates, the benefits of stretching are so so so marginal- maybe even less than 0.0000001111, hence to small to even quantify

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