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Shortcuts did it worked?

Why running away from the basics to get desired physique?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How much time you already wasted everytime new fad came in and you start treating that as new "Vardaan" for you to get your fitness goal? GM diet? Tried for 6 month lossed weight, then left it then back to square one. Green Tea? Seems like it takes eternity to work. Some fad diet? Never worked. If you calculate the overall time you wasted then it will be well beyond couple of years when you believed that this shortcut will work for you for sure. How much time you lost? You know it better than me. Does it worth to just wait, doing nothing and expect things to work wonder? Then keep on munching everything you like and rely on some fad to magically work for you? It did not happen, it will never happen. So why not try some basics and actually get the results rather than finding new fad to work for you? If all these questions make sense to you, why not stop relying on some "ROCKET SCIENCE FAD" and FOR ONCE trust the basics and trust the process and do the hard work to actually get the results. Basics are simple: 1) Be active 2) Be judicious what you are eating. 3) Know your food. 4) Recover well and enjoy your life. Let me know how much time you have wasted till now in fad diets and techniques in comment section.


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