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Short term vs long term goals.💪

If you are looking for a short term goal, motivation can be a great tool for you to start with your fat loss journey. When you are motivated you feel you can do anything even if that anything is completely unsustainable for longer than a few weeks. When you are super motivated you can also do some crazy protocols like crash diets, detox diets, liquid diets, cleanses, etc. and lose quite a bit of weight. ....UNTIL THAT MOTIVATION DIES.💀 Here's the problem. Motivation is always temporary. You cannot depend on it to support you throughout your fat loss journey because you will lose that motivation at times. That is why it is extremely important for you to understand the fact that losing weight is not a sprint, it's a journey you need to follow. I can understand how those quick fixes on the internet with fancy marketing products may seem, but in the end, you need to understand that they don't work and the real key to fat loss is a combination of proper quantified Calorie deficit diet and weight training. I guarantee there would be many ups and downs throughout the journey but you need to know that's it's not going to happen overnight and it takes time. Along with that we need to be patient and consistent as well. You need to create healthy sustainable habits which will help you to progress for a longer run. So don't fall for short term goals, take your time, you aren't racing with anyone, understand it's a process and not a sprint. So how do you guys motivate yourself? 😜

Prince Shah

sir i have lean arms n legs but belly fat... so starting pumping weights... my weight is 70kg ht 175cm... how many calories should i eat daily?

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