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Sharma Ji ka Ladka can't do Deadlift; he wont be able to build strong back 😒

How many of you believe this statement?

I have came across many trainees who struggle with deadlift in the gym thinking that its the only option they have to build a strong posterior chain. 5 out of 10 do it with wrong form, dont know the basics of correct technique, dont even know what it is for but still do it because someone told them that its an important excercise. But is it actually that important If you are not comfortable doing it? Absolutely not. We cannot deny the fact that being a compound excercise its an important Workout but we also cannot neglect the injuries it might cause with incorrect form. The major issue with deadlift is Ego lifting. Haven't you seen people around you doing deadlift with 100-120 kgs within initial few days. Rather than strength gains, this will definitely cause long term injuries. Mu suggestion - If you are not confident about your form or there is no trained athlete around you to help, you can easily avoid deadlift. There are many alternative workouts that you can do to improve your posterior chain - - Rack Pulls - Good Morning - Hyperextension The chances of injuries are less comparatively and will will assist with strength gains in same set of muscles as deadlift. I personally don't do deadlift. In last 10 years, if i will count the days, it will not be more than 60 days. My PR is 120 kgs and thats obviously like warm up for majority of seasoned lifters in the group. But still i have a strong posterior chain because of alternative Workouts that I do. So its possible to build a strong back without Deadlift also. I am not against this because I can't do it, I am just not in favour of incorrect form and ego lifting and thus long term injuries. Chose the Workout you are comfortable with, dont try to follow the crowd. Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr


yes I also want to know how this we can do ?

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