Sharma Ji ka Beta is a Star Now; Everybody wants to follow his Diet Plan 🙏🙏

Dr. aakash bansal

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Dieting Psychology
How many of you appreciated the transformation posted by others?

How many of you messaged that person asking for his/her diet and workout chart? How many of you think that its all about food and nothing else matters? How many of you believe that worked for your friend will work for you as well? Its a common thought process of masses that losing weight or getting fit is all about diet chart only and what worked on others will help them as well. For the same reason most of us have asked for a diet chart of a person whom we consider more fit than us. But have you actually tried that diet? Was it sustainable? Did it suit your metabolism? Were you able to achieve your goal by following that single piece of paper? For few exceptional and lucky individuals, it might have worked because there are always some outliers but for majority of the cases, I can surely say - NO, it didn't work at all (unless and until its a crash diet that works on every individual's metabolism similarly - mess it up). Science of nutrition is as simple as this line that, "One size doesn't fit all". Two 29 year old males with 6 ft height and 80 kgs weight will have similar BMR but the way their metabolism will react to same calories and same macros distribution will be different, reasons being - different stress levels; different sleep cycle; fat distribution pattern; medical history; past diet history; status of physical activity and lastly, dedication and determination to reach their individual goal. Lets take an example of one of the most common disease in the country i.e Diabetes. Suppose your sugar levels are always high and you are on Insulin. You borrowed a diet chart from your friend. Unfortunately she was following Low Carb Diet. You blindly started following it, means you reduced your carb intake suddenly but taking insulin at regular intervals like before. What will happen, your sugar levels will drop drastically and it might become a medical emergency. Following someone's diet chart might sound so Simple but you never know how your body will respond to it. This is my 2 months transformation. I am a seasoned lifter with 10 years of experience and my maintenance calories is 4000Kcal. Many people asked me about my diet chart when I posted this, to get immediate results. There were few simple questions that I asked them to clear this doubt that they can also follow the same routine as mine: 1. Years of experience into weightlifting - because I always remain in the same shape throughout the year. For weeks I was not well, so had gone out of shape. It was easy for me to get back to my routine, but will it be easy for you? 2. Can you complete your daily protein intake from whole foods - because I dont take whey, I complete it with eggs, paneer, milk and soya. 3. Can your body maintain weight at 4000 calories a day - because thats my maintenance calories 4. Can you manage 90 mins of workout everyday, no matter if you work for 14 hrs, 16 hrs or 18 hrs on daily basis? So for obvious reasons, I didn't share my diet chart with anyone. Understanding your body and planning a diet accordingly is not a rocket science. You just need to sort out some basics about nutrition and then everything falls into place. Just try to learn and understand the process, dont try to copy someone else's process. Its your journey, make it eventful and not boring by following others. Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr
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