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Sharma Ji k bete ko Nazar Lag Gayi; he has reached his weight loss plateau 😒

Its been a week or 10 days and your weight scale stopped moving down or there is no change in your measurements, it might be possible that you have hit the Weight Loss Plateau.

It happens when your calorie intake is equal to your calorie burn and thus there is no change in your weight or body fat%. Few checkpoints before you conclude that you have actually hit the plateau:- 1. Calorie Intake - do you measure your calories using a weight scale or rely on much better scientific source i.e. eye ball measuring? What looks 30 gm to you might be 45 gms on scale. Fix this on priority basis. 2. Water Retention - If your body retains more water, it will reflect on weight scale. Reasons can be many - increase intake of high sodium food; stress levels; disturbed sleep cycles; sudden drop in water intake; sudden increase in carbs intake; menstrual cycle. Fix this before fixing your calories and your workout 3. Constipation - Its been 3 days and you are going to office without losing your shit. You might be losing weight but you are carrying some extra weight because of your disturbed bowel movements. Fix your fibre intake. 4. Punctuality - Yesterday you measured weight at 10 AM and today at 7 PM. In morning you were empty stomach, so the weight scale was different but by evening you had few meals and its reflecting on your weight scale now. Fix a time and measure weight approximately at the same time. 5. Inch Loss - You might be one of those who don't show much difference on weight scale but losing inches on regular basis. Better not to step on that machine, rather use measuring tape to assess your performance WoW basis. 6. Irregular Workout - You were enjoying your workout till last week but now found a better excuse to skip your training. There is no need to emphasize on this that how important Workout is. Fix your excuses or fix your weight loss journey, choice is yours. If all these issues have already been taken care of and still you dont see any change in your weight loss or inch loss, then you might have hit the plateau. Same happened with Chhote Sharma Ji. I will help him out in next session to break this plateau. Till then, Have a Safe Workout !! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #fittr #bettr #smarttr
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