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Sharma Ji is so lost in his own stardom, that he forgot from where he started 🧒🏻

The pic on the left is from Feb 2007, the last day of my school before boards. I had actually forgot about this pic till yesterday or maybe I had gone into a phase of denial that I was never so skinny or how I used to look.

After JC's post yesterday, I was looking for a before pic of mine and came across this one. I was too hesitant to share this but then it occurred to me that actually this was a reason, why I started lifting. I used to be this skinny once that I had to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. There is a difference of a decade and 20 kgs between these two pics and a lot have happened in this journey. From being a medical aspirant to a dentist, from my MBA degree to Fitness as a profession, from lifting 100 kgs in the gym to a nerve injury where cotton roll became heavy for me (ulnar nerve injury). But I am glad I didn't give up at any point of time and there is only one reason for that, it's not a hobby for me, its a lifestyle. I don't live it just for 5 days of a week, I live it 24*7. Since the time I have joined Fittr, I learned one thing - Don't get carried away in your journey and with your progress. If you think you are good, there is always someone who is better than you. Try not to compete but to learn and grow. Another year passed with an amazing journey. Next year only the calendar will change but rigour will remain the same. Don't wait for a date to start with your resolution, if you want it, work for it now 🙂 Have a great end to 2019 !! The choice is yours, because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Minakshi Kankane

ahhh... finally chote sharma ji's post is here , waited so long . motivating one :)

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