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Setup to Transform

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This article caters to things that I think are very important parameters to start your journey and transform.

Unlike many, it took me 7-8 months to drop 9 kilos. Is it slow? Is it supposed to be slow or fast? What decides? All these answers lie in Goal setting. Goal Setting: It may sound like a very small thing but believe me its the most important step of all. In fact, I think it's even more important than diet and exercise. We all wish it was as simple as “ I want to lose/gain 10 kilos”. But it's not. Let me simplify the whole process in what I think worked for me. 1. Visualize your goal: It all starts with visualizing what you want to achieve. When I say visualization I don't mean just the good parts like imagining yourself in that dress, but to the very last good and bad detail you can. I started my journey with the aim to get a photoshoot done. I had no idea what to visualize even. So I started watching photoshoots of athletes on youtube. It gave me a good idea of what should be my condition like and it scared me as I knew how bad my face looks in the pics I have clicked yet. Strong visualization is what keeps you going when the times are tough. 2. Daily and Weekly Tracking Sheet: Make a Daily and weekly tracking sheet. At the end of every week mark your expected(target) weight and make sure it's realistic. To do this you have to do some homework and calculate the weight(for me it was 300-500gms in first phase and even lesser in 2nd phase) according to the deficit you have created. As long as you are on track make sure you don't make extreme changes in diet and workout. Also don't expect to be spot on. Just staying in ranges should be the expectation. Accountability: You must have heard everyone say stay consistent in your diet and workout and don't deviate. But this needs strong accountability and this comes in different ways for different kinds of people. For someone, it can be staying accountable to yourself but for most this job is done by a mentor. Now I am not just talking about a Fittr mentor but any mentor you get. It can be your father or brother or friend. But it has to be someone who you choose to stay accountable to. I hardly spoke to my mentor(maybe a few times in the very end) and mostly we used to chat. The thought in my mind constantly poked me that since I know the replacement of several food items why not spice it up a little. but still staying spot on diet and making no changes until the end of the week is where accountability comes in. Also, I never cared if my mentor checks my pics or not, I always sent them on time. Staying accountable to the process is important. Believe in the process: For maximum people including me, the trend always remains the same. You lose initial fat quickly and then it slows down. It's this time which comes around week 6 or 8 when you need to trust the process. From 8th week to 16th week in terms of weight, I lost very less but you still need to hang on and look at positives. This time period actually tests your patience. I broke many PRs during this phase while slowly losing fat. So trust the process and give your body time. Don't stop until finished: This is one of the biggest factors behind deviating from the goal or changing goal before you reach it. In the middle of my transformation, every one of us hears things like. a) You look lean enough. You should start bulking now. b) Hey, abs are visIble now. Start gaining now. c) Your face has lost its charm. You look so weak. d) What happened? Are you sick? e) You don't look like you are working out when seen in clothes. f) None of your clothes even fit you now. Ignore all this and don't stop until your visualization become a reality. DO NOT make changes to goals in the middle of the process. Keep tracking and going as per your plan. Hope these things help some of you start your journey. Your queries and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.


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