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Setting up the diet for fat loss

Calories to start: Any deficit on your total energy expenditure (calories out) with the appropriate amount of proteins will produce the fat loss and also RMR is the minimum calories that are required for the functioning of organs. So, you can design a diet plan with calories anywhere between the RMR and total energy expenditure having appropriate macros. Remember, when you are in deficit the RMR of the person comes down. The higher the deficit the higher the weight loss and the higher its impact on RMR. So always prefer an appropriate deficit when you have a long journey to transform. Also, you can use apps like “fittr – Anytime, anywhere” to generate the diet plan adjusting the macros and calories in it.

Setting up macros: Choose the protein as 1.5 to 1.8 grams of your body weight in kgs. Fat, at least 0.5 g of body weight in kgs and around 20-25% of your overall calories. Adjust the remaining calories in carbohydrates. Sustainability: Sustainability is the key when you have a long journey. If you struggle with the diet there is a high chance of giving up in the early stage itself. So always create a diet which you can sustain for a longer period of time. The longer you sustain the better you achieve.


I hav na query sir , My goal is fat loss According to fittr app my BMR is 1555 calorie and TEE is 1850 So I hav to create a deficit of 500-600 calorie Bt if I do so the calories falls below 1555 calorie ... what to do??

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