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Salient features of a "good" diet plan

There are a few things that you need to ensure irrespective of your goal:

1. Sustainability: Whatever you start must be something that you can sustain for a very long time. If it is something you can only do temporarily, there is a high chance that the effects of it might also wear off once you go back to your “normal routine”. 2. Normal and Affordable: Your new diet should be as like your normal routine as possible. This not only creates sustainability but also enhance adherence manifold. E.g., I have grown up eating chapati/parantha. If my diet contains loads of rice, it will become unsustainable for me. Lots of people add loads of exotic things in their diet which are not only hard to procure but also burn a hole in your pocket. Try to include everyday food items as much as possible. 3. Doable: This includes the time you need to devote to your food preparation. It should fit into your schedule seamlessly. Diet is not an overhead! It is a lifestyle. 4. Satiating: Now, this is the biggest one yet! Your chances of binging and falling off the wagon increase manifold if your diet leaves you dissatisfied or hungry. Make sure to include items that create high satiety like protein and fibres in your diet, so your cravings and hunger pangs are minimized. Apart from this, only caloric balance matters along with the exercise regimen. Make sure that your nutrition is on point and you are progressing in your workouts regularly. Get strong. Keep getting stronger! #fittrcoach #nutritionandfitnesscoach #nutrition
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