Arshdeep Singh

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“Roti , kapda, Makan ,Gym”

Let’s Welcome the new folk to the list of necessities. Coming straight to the point Think of your life 5 years from now -You will have spent 365*5 days of your life ,so probably you will have less energy as compared to what you possess today. -You will be occupied with more work(We all will grow professionally or try to grow). -There will be more commitments and obligations towards society and self. In short if you aren’t able to take steps towards your health today , there are chances that your “kal se gym jaunga” won’t arrive anytime soon. When was the last time you looked at the sky and realised how pleasantly blue it was? (Well this explains how busy you are toady ) “A stitch in time saves nine” Small actions today can make your aging reasonably good . Why do we need our health to deteriorate before we accept that we need to start improving our eating habits and increase the level of physical activity. Apart from aging how soothing does the personality look when a person is fit . (By fit I never meant all muscles or six packs, this can definitely be subject to one’s discretion ) I always believe and quote, “Looks,height, skin colour isn’t in our hands but our body, our health is definitely under our control (to much of an extent).So why not tap that potential when it’s gonna fetch us all good returns over time.” I would invest a nominal amount in my health today (be it protein rich diet or a gym membership fee or any other factor which will contribute towards betterment of my health ) rather than pay huge bill to a hospital or a doc in my late 40’s or 50’s, just because i was focusing more on my career and had no time to look after my belly which now peeps out from the 4th and 5th button of my shirt and is causing all sorts of health issues now. (Trust me this will definitely be a profitable call.And did I mention i am a CA finalist so i have a little idea on Future and Options) Being accountable towards your health is not a choice or a hobby but a necessity today.And if you are unable to make time today there are chances that you might have new excuses tomorrow. Just a wake up reminder!! All the best👍

Parul Goyal

woww thank you so much for this....I needed this🙏🙏

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