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A common mistake what people make nowadays in terms of nutrition and exercise routine is they try to become a perfectionist. Understand, it's not a bad thing to become a perfectionist, but you cannot deny the sustainability factor. You can only reach that level slowly and gradually only through the experiences you get. Example, a person who hasn't followed any kind of diet in the past, you cannot give him a rigid diet plan with thousands of restrictions or a person who has never been to a gym in his entire life, you cannot expect him to hit the gym for all 7 days. You need to make it a little flexible for him with some options which will help him to sustain it for a longer run. When you follow this, 'ALL WHITE or ALL BLACK' approach, initially you will make some progress but over the period of time due to unsustainable nature you will lose all your progress. This continuous on-off cycle is not a healthy thing which can also disturb your mental peace. So here, because of rigid dieting, your average of being on track is just 20-30% So what should be done: Here's the key 'A flexible mindset'. There's no need to be rigid with your plans, be a little flexible so you can follow it throughout the journey. So here your average of being on track is 70-80 % So the bottom line is, Be smart while following your plans, understand what exactly your body needs to achieve your fitness goals, keep it a little flexible (NOTE: Being flexible doesn't mean you always have right to eat what you want) Understand the difference between clean and Junk food, and adapt this as a lifestyle. A simple maths, 70- 80 % of the time being on track is much better than 30-40% So in which category do you stand 70-80% or 30-40% ? 😜

Hemlata Agarwal

Great...👏👏 Very Good Article, Easy to be followed by Maximum people.. I'm in 70- 80%...😊

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