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Some people might call it “cheat meal,” but cheat itself sounds a little negative (subjective perspective). So let’s quote it “reward meals.” It is a single meal that does not comply with your current diet i.e., no need to count calories and to have your favorite food. Note- It is different from structured refeeds and does not have any hormonal advantage. How to execute it 1. A free meal is NOT a deliberate attempt to see how much food you can stuff down your gullet in a single meal, although this is how it is all too commonly interpreted. Eat that much food that makes you content, not more than that. Do not get surprised if your bodyweight spikes a little bit the next morning, especially for low carb/keto dieters. 2. Try to make your free meal as a dinner meal. The reason for this suggestion has to do with getting back into the swing of the diet. If you make your free meal lunch or breakfast, it can be psychologically challenging to go back to your diet for the rest of the day. If you make dinner your free meal, by the time you wake up in the morning, you should be ready to get back into your normal dieting rhythm 3. Do not incorporate free meals in the initial weeks of dieting, mainly to give yourself time to get into the swing of the new eating habits. Taste buds take time to adjust, and adding free meals in too early can be a way to prevent you from getting away from the types of foods that made you fat in the first place. Quite, people often find that several weeks of relatively strict dieting tend to eliminate the taste they had for certain types of foods (whatever isn’t allowed on a diet), and they tend to go less crazy during free meals. But this takes a few weeks at least to occur. Benefits The main benefit of the free meal is merely psychological. This tends to help with long-term adherence since you never suffer from the psychologically induced deprivation that you can’t ever have a particular food. Dieting nonstop for extended periods on end gets to be a real mental grind, and that’s where free meals MIGHT help


they call "syns" for cheat meals on slimmingworld.co.uk

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