Reverse your age with exercise


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Content by Praveen Budhrani

Ageing is inevitable that’s for sure, but with ageing comes Sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is characterized by reduction in skeletal muscle and its functional ability. The reduction in muscle mass is associated with frailty, metabolic syndromes (Increase risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes) and even osteoporosis. Skeletal muscle can be degraded by poor nutrition, disuse, and changes in hormonal levels. Extensive research supports that Resistance Training is a well recognised intervention strategy. Recent research also suggests that even Aerobic exercise has shown beneficial, preventive and therapeutic effects in ageing population towards Sarcopenia. [1] Reference: [1] Yoo, S. Z., No, M. H., Heo, J. W., Park, D. H., Kang, J. H., Kim, S. H., & Kwak, H. B. (2018). Role of exercise in age-related sarcopenia. Journal of exercise rehabilitation, 14(4), 551.
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