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Dieting Psychology
This is something i see very regularly, people ask in the group or stay confused on how to proceed further. We at S.Q.U.A.T.S help you learn the science on how to manage your own nutritional targets by reading the pinned post as a start and whenever required give you the famous car examples to break the science into simpler way. So let me give you such example here which we explain our clients on how to understand the transformation progress and decide your calorie intake accordingly.

Ok, Imagine two guys 1. Desk job guy and 2. MMA fighter, both of them are 6 feet tall and 100 kgs in weight. Now do you think both of these guys since they are of same height/weight require the same amount of calories per day to survive (BMR), definitely not. If you see the desk job guy's lifestyle is pretty busy working for long hours, the only workout he involves is mostly team lunch and birthday cake cutting celebration so obviously if you see his body composition may be around 60% lean mass and 40% fat, which means he is carrying a load of 40kgs on his shoulders, so on a funnier note lets all him TATA NANO, why nano? Coz just like the truck his daily calorie requirement is less(BMR) and he too carries good amount of garbage load in a slow pace. On the other side this MMA fighter is like a “Ferrari” he performs crazy fast and drinks up lot of fuel, needs lot of calorie to stay active and train better since his muscle mass will be more and fat% less around say 10. So you see my friend you are stuck somewhere here in between these two guys and every week when you progress by checking your inch measurements, pics and weight. You get to know on which direction you progressed. Towards Ferrari or Nano? If you move towards Ferrari, means you lost weight and inches meaning you have to fuel your self like a Ferrari that is when you increase 50/100/200 calories and when your weeks results are not promising then you just took few steps towards NANO, by decreasing your nutritional intake. This is how you move forward in your plan. Work till you become a FERRARI! Goodluck! #reversedieting #whytoincreasecalories

Pijush Patra

i am doing gym regularly abt 1.3 hrs -2.3 so my question is shall i follow bmr or less than tdee? actually i am doing dieting since 1.4 month and i lost 20 kg bt in unhealthy way bcz my calorie intake on that time is 1000 cal and i follow it since abt 1 year now i change my diet with the help of get shredded document.and previously lose lots of muscles mass rather than fat thats why i dnt have desired goal now i am stuck in weight bt i get more power and improvements. any suggestion?

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