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Dieting Psychology
Often I have seen people, who follow the all or nothing approach when it comes to diet and achieving their fitness goals.

You need to understand, this is not a sustainable approach and eventually, you will just land up doing nothing. Here's the thing, if your diet is too restrictive you will definitely land up binging something. You may follow your diet on point from morning to evening by restricting yourself with some quantified rice, veggies, soups, chicken.....but you will definitely end up binging some unhealthy pizzas, burgers, pastries, icecreams, etc. by the time of your dinner. The most important thing you need to understand is you need to change your relationship with your food. Always try to be a little flexible, try to add things you crave for in limited quantity in your macros, that's the real key to sustain your diet for a longer run. How to do this? • ANALYSE THE TIME First, the important thing is to analyze the time when you feel hungry the most. Example: you may be perfectly alright in terms of the food you eat till your office timings, and suddenly go crazy as you reach home in the evening. • CHOICE OF FOOD Figure out what are those foods which will help you to curb those cravings at that particular time. • TRACK YOUR FOOD Add foods of your preferences in your macros and track it, just make sure it has a good nutritive value. • SATISFY YOUR MIND By eating the food of your preferences at that particular time your mind will be definitely satisfied and you are ready for your next upcoming meal. Now you have almost managed to win half of the battle. • You are totally satisfied since you managed to have food of your choice • You are still in a calorie deficit since you kept a track of what you ate. • You are good to go for your last meal of the day without any restrictions. So the bottom line is, Avoid over-restrictive diets, plan it smartly understanding your goals and needs, keep a proper track and make sure you make it sustainable for a longer run. So what's your strategy to avoid binging? 😜


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