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Reduce bodyfat by consuming the right fats!

Believe it or not, fat is a complex macromolecule that has important functional components within the body. Apart from the known facts of protecting viceral organs and isolating tempratures, fat is needed for the dissolving of certain vitamins and is essential for cell membranes, also being the precursor to many other substances in the body such as those involved in regulating blood pressure and inflammatory responses.

You may have heard about saturated and unsaturated fats. Basically what differs them is how closely packed their chain of molecules are, this is why certain fats such as oils are liquid at room temprature, while animal fats are solid. In terms of dietary intake, both are important, and saturated fats are responsible for the distribution of essential fats around the body. However, there is some controversy around saturated fats and many studies have proven that larger quantities of saturated fats contribute to higher values of low density lipoproteins (LDL) which is cholesterol build ups in the arteries leading to cardiovascular diseases and greater risk for fat gain. In contrast, higher amount of unsaturated fats is recommended, this fat instead decreases the LDL with the presence of high density lipoproteins (HDL). HDL acts as an scavenger by clearing the LDL from the arteries and carrying it into the liver, breaking it down into stomach bial which is needed for the breakdown of food that we consume. Sources of saturated fats are all fats that come from animals products, such as egg yolks, cheese and chicken, excluding fish. Sources of unsaturated fats are all fats that come from vegetables, such as nuts, olives and avocado excluding coconut. Including fish. There is another type of fat, the transfat, you want to completely stay away from this kind of me. It has absolutely no function in the body other than causing an increase in bodyfat and disease. Transfat is banned or limited in products in many countries across the world because of the health problems it brings. You can still find transfats in many fastfoods and highly processed products. The moral of the story is to consume more sources which contain higher amounts of unsaturated fats, by doing so we will get an adequate amount of saturated fats as well, as these sources often contain smaller amounts of saturated fats. While calories in versus calories out is the key concept of losing weight, there is so many more factors that contribute to it, so try switching out your normal intake of fat to unsaturated! #Fittr #Iamfittr #Fittraustralia

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