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Reasons you are not losing even on diet

Reasons you are not losing even on diet

============================= 1. Snacking- Eating some snacks randomly or eating a spoon or a few grams of some calorie dense foods is one of the major reason for not losing as you no longer be in a calorie deficit. 2. Cheating on weekends- Taking cheat meals on weekends and eating so many calories that you balance out the weekly deficit 3. Approximations - Not exactly measuring the food, just eating by approximations and often times you will underestimate calories in food 4. Not counting macros of sauces/ dressing - This mistake is also done by a lot of people , you need to count calories of sauces/dressings 5. Miscalculated maintenance -Over-estimating maintenance calories is again a mistake lot of people do and often time there was no calorie deficit because of miscalculated maintenance 6. Eating fewer calories- Eating very less food might give you some quick results in the start but it has a lot of negative effects and one of them is hitting a plateau very soon 7. Irregular sleep- Lack of sleep is again one of the major reason. To know more about it read here- https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=2281423871916912

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what to do to break the plateau ??

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