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Ever happened to you?

You hear about a certain diet or a nutritionist or a gym where you're promised a ridiculous amount of weight loss within negligible time frame. The things you're asked to follow can be anything ranging from: removing an entire group of foods (ketogenic diet, carnivorous diet, GM diet, vegan diet, water fasting etc) to the most rigorous exercise routines (1-2hrs of cardio, military training, Squat everyday etc) to a combination of both. You realise the struggle you'll have to go through during the whole process but do it. Because the program promises you your dreams within a negligible time-frame. "I'll stick to it until I see my abs for once...then I can think of how to maintain it" Guess what: the habits that will be required to maintain that new bodyweight can't be built magically in a day. Do you see how you maintain your current weight effortlessly without even trying? That's because of the habits you've cultivated for years which took you where you are. If you want to reach a different body composition, you'll have to change these exact same habits. There's no easy way. There's no faster way. Building habits takes time. And you WILL have to do it if you want to keep the physique that you eventually intend to reach. Take small steps. •Stop eating outside regularly. •Choose an exercise you enjoy doing and do it everyday. •Stop fiddling on the phone every night on bed. Game of thrones memes can wait. •Eat a serving of proteins and veggies in each meal •Drink enough water. •Park your vehicle far from your workplace. •Track your workouts. These small things add up over time. You'll slowly start seeing your body change in the mirror.You won't know. You will feel more active throughout the day. You'll end up happier than ever before. You'll get all the benefits that the "Temporary diet" offered you in the first place. Yes, it'll take time. But but but Will it be worth the effort?

Dr Janice Jaison

Perfect article at a perfect time, I was just thinking on these lines.

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