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Re-Living your Inner Being : Day 3

Day 3: 21 days of Awesomeness

When we are in alignment with our true self, we are lost in some other world and no negativity can touch us . Loving yourself is an art , not everyone can do it. Appreciating life with what you have brings in more abundance and makes your day more awesome . We are fortunate enough to have so many things but still our eyes are on what we don’t have . So today , we will bring out our inner being and appreciate for the things we have .Things we actually love doing. What are the five topmost things you love about yourself —- Write 5 things in a diary with a pen (Please do not use any device, once written click a image and share in comments for accountability ) For example: * I love getting up early in the morning and work out at gym/home. * I love cooking special dishes for my family * I love speaking to my family/friends and discuss the daily chores * I love writing articles about positivity * I love going to Gurudwara one sunday a month and serving a langar. You see when you write this, try to feel every word of it and start bringing in the same to your life. Do what you love with utmost priority. Have an awesome day .See you tomorrow 🤗

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