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Quick Weight Loss: Is it a Reality?


Need a quick weight loss? Need to look good for an event in 15 days? Super tensed about how you look now? You open up your Browser and go to the Google search box and type “quick weight loss tips” and you get tons of sites and services offering you the same. Deep down you are skeptical but at that point of time you cannot think of anything but to lose as quickly as possible. Next morning, you make a call and set up an appointment. You visit the centre and see a long queue. Everybody is there for the same reason. Now you feel quite convinced. Your dream seems to be achievable. Your turn comes up and you visit the Expert. He/She tells you about few tea products and gives you a chart full of your favorite items but ofcourse in a controlled portion. They also tell you that keep it organic and real; ask you to run and walk a bit. They tell you that you need to eat every few hours to improve your metabolism and not eat after 7 PM. You start following the chart and you start seeing results in 2-3 days. Your weight starts dripping. You feel low energy wise but you are happy because the weight is dipping every 1-2 days. You lose good 5-7 kgs in 15 days and you are super happy as you are ready with your goal weight for the event. During the event, you realize the dress you had stitched wasn’t that lose for an alteration. And few people commented if you were not well. You suddenly start thinking what went wrong. You could see a substantial loss on the scale. How could this happen? A week later you randomly step on the scale and you see you are back to your old weight. One or two months later you see that you are further gaining weight. But now you know that you could lose 5-7 kgs in 15 days so you do not care much and let it be. Few months passes by and you realize that you have gained 15 kgs more. Many of us could relate to this story. Ever wondered what happened? Was it your fault or do you think your genes are too bad? Well, the reason here is not getting the right information,incorrect dieting approach and unrealistic expectations. What is right information? To lose weight, you need to eat less than your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(referred as TEE/TDEE) and to gain weight, you need to eat more than your TDEE. Few more points you should know are: Frequent eating in a day is not going to improve your metabolism Not eating after evening is not going to make you lose more If your overall Calorie intake is less than TDEE, you will lose. You could lose at 20% less Calories and also at 50% less Calories but your body is very dynamic so it would adapt to whatever Calories you are taking in. It is important to not go too low in Calories to avoid metabolic slow down You should avoid losing more than 1% of your body weight per week. It could lead to faster plateau hit and faster weight regain due to addition of number of fat cells Faster weight loss leads to faster regain of weight and also results in a loss of more lean body mass which isn’t good Exercises should be done to build muscles because more muscle mass will improve your metabolism.Recommended for all genders. Exercise and Diet both are equally important Tracking should be done measurements wise too as fat loss is not just weight loss Sometimes you would lose fat but not weight as your fat cells retain water to maintain the weight. Eventually you would lose the additional weight Repeatedly going through weight loss and weight gain process can make your body difficult to lose fat again Consistency and slow progress is the key Doing 1000 crunches a day is not going to make your abdominal go flat Quantified Diet and Strength training are effective tools for Fat loss So avoid looking for a shortcut or quick therapies. Fitness and health are related and should be done considering long term goals. Most importantly, follow a approach which has a scientific evidence and not anything blindly. Information is everyone’s right. Don’t fall for such traps which sound so unreal and need not much effort. Nothing great could be achieved without few sacrifices and hard work.

seethalakshmi ks

I can totally relate. I am now loosing fat with the help of my mentor. But before my wedding I wasted 50,000RS on VLCC. Nothing happened to me. I infact lost my health. I wish I had known about Squats much earlier in my life.

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