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Quantum of weight loss!

How much weight can you lose?

========================= Let’s talk about the quantum of weight loss! Here's the math that'll give you some idea. 1 gm fat =9 calories! So to reduce 1kg fat =1000gm fat, you'll have to eliminate 9000 calories. (assuming it's all fat you lose) Ideally, you should not reduce more than 500-600 calories from your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). You can calculate your TDEE from the tools section. So let’s assume you cut down 600 calories a day. In 3 months=90 days, you can cut roughly around 90*600= 54,000 calories. So the amount of fat you'd lose is 45,000/9= 6kg However, you will also lose some muscle around 1kg or 1000 gms for every 6kg of fat lost, which will also lead to some glycogen and water loss. Your body holds around 0.4gm(roughly) of glycogen per gm of muscle mass. So you'll lose around ~1000*0.4= ~400 gm of glycogen. 1 gm glycogen holds 3-4 times as much water. so 400*4= 1600gm of water. To sum it up, you'd lose fat +muscle+glycogen+water= 6000gm+ 1000gm+ 400gm+ 1600gm = 9000gm of mass or 9 kgs in 3 months. Now this is all theoretical and there are various factors that come into play such as training, size of the deficit and so on. Double the deficit and the weight loss doubles. Triple the deficit, and the weight loss triples however remember deficit does not mean less, your body is smart and as soon as you start eating less, it reduces your TDEE as well and although it takes some time to do that but you can not just keep reducing calories forever.

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