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Purpose of Yoga Is Not Weight Loss

YOGA Is Not For Weight Loss

I wanted to talk about this subject for very long time, because I keep seeing posts where people try really hard to get into poses or stay upside down( definitely I also try and make my asana perfect), but as we do so we should never forget the whole idea and purpose of yoga. I get lot of client who say I want to do yoga to lose weight or get fit. First of all Yoga is not for weight loss, Yoga is to create body awareness. I completely agree that people might see change in their body if they do intense yoga that’s only due to the fact that you were not doing anything and now your activity level has increased and you are burning more calories but this is not the purpose of yoga. The whole idea of doing Yoga everyday is to become aware of your body, breath and mind. Better control you have over your body and breathing patter, you will be able to control your mind in a better way. The ultimate goal of doing yoga is to reach a state of complete calmness which is known as Samadhi. So the whole idea of doing asanas is to make your body strong so that you can peacefully sit in the meditative posture for hours and reach that stage of Samadhi. Yoga Sutra says “Sthira Sukham Asanam” which means posture should be stable and comfortable. So stop that push and pull to touch your toes and stay in the posture comfortably. Trust me once you get the comfort in the posture and you start getting aware of your breathing in the posture even the most difficult asana will come with most ease. Yoga gives you a lot of internal benefit, so you should definitely include this in your daily life but not with the idea of losing weight. You can include some weight training or other form of exercise with a balanced calorie deficit diet along with yoga. Lastly yoga is not a exercise, so stop saying that. It has lot to do with a person spiritual development. Its union of your body and mind to reach the stage of peace and calmness but its not a exercise. DO NOT DO YOGA TO LOSE WEIGHT, DO YOGA TO MAKE YOUR BODY AND MIND STRONG.

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