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Psychology of Fatloss decoded:💣💣

Dieting Psychology
Before starting a journey or midway there so many why’s and what’s that surround us. What to eat?..What exercise routine to follow? Why am I not losing? Why is that person losing at a faster pace?

Let’s see some of the factors that influence our journey: ➡Let’s start with our engine. Metabolism is a complicated and ever evolving process. What worked for you in 20’s won’t work in 40’s. A lot factors impact your body’s ability to lose weight, including hormonal balance, sleep, activity factor and nutrient intake. Instead of focusing on quick fixes, focus on habits that will promote your health. ➡Comparing your success with others? Yes an accountability partner can do wonders but comparing outcomes is a blunder. Each body is different and every metabolism is unique in its own way. Instead of comparing your outcomes to others, try to discuss strategies and learn from their efforts. ➡The Social Trauma: Worried about getting weird looks when you turn down the birthday cake? Will your friends stop inviting you out on the weekends? Relax, a lot of people are sailing in the same boat and eating healthy is becoming increasingly popular. You don’t have to hide anything from anybody and pound your body with unnecessary stress. ➡The Numbers game: Worried about weight ? How much will I lose? What if I don’t lose atall? When you worry about not seeing certain numerical changes, you don't appreciate the positive impacts you're making on your body's overall health. Here key is to set small goals and analyse what changes does it have on your body. You are more likely to stick to plan this way. ➡100% or nothing mindset? It’s ok initially to start a bit easy and slowly incorporate habits which eventually form your lifestyle. Don't underestimate the power of each positive choice. Take away from here is hold onto the horses of your mind, every small change that you see be it your routine getting disciplined or be it you becoming more conscious about your food choices , every small change is a progress towards your goal. Quitting is just depriving your mind and soul it’s due.

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