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Protein per gram cost in India

We get to hear this a lot of times that following a diet is expensive and especially buying protein sources. Even though the protein sources are comparatively costlier than carbs and fats sources but that does not mean you can not fit it in your budget .

Here in the infographic, I have taken the major protein sources and their average cost per gram of protein. Prices of food items are dynamic and differ from place to place and brand to brand but I have taken the average cost in the major cities of India. So, one average one gram of protein from major protein sources costs from- *chicken- 1.4 Rs *Paneer- 1.6 Rs *whey- 2.5 Rs *eggs- 1.3 Rs *soya chunks - 0.44 Rs *prawns- 3 Rs *cheese- 5.55 Rs So, its clear the cheapest protein source is soya chunks followed by chicken and eggs. If someone is on a tight budget and have a protein requirement of 100 grams a day that person can complete in under 90 rupees per day ( 50 grams from soya chunks + 25 grams from chicken and eggs respectively) and in case of vegetarian it will be around 100 rupees (50 grams of soya chunks + 50 grams of paneer). I understand even the cost mentioned above per day might not be manageable for few but for most of us its affordable. We spent more than 90-100 bucks in a day unknowingly on random things, so next time "dieting is expensive" or rather "protein is expensive" should not be the excuse for not following the diet Spending on your health is an "Investment", not an "Expense" Cheers!!



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