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Hey guys(straight from your coach's heart),

Hope everything is going well, if not, make it go well ! Remember, a lot of things in our hands. There is no magic diet and workout. We have to create magic with the given diet and workout plan. Many a times, it's us ! And believe me, because even I have gone through the exact same things that you are going through ! I have trained people before I came into squats. I have trained people in squats. I have trained family, friends and many many other people. In this group itself I have seen people transform in months and some even took years. And many a times in the process, their health parameters improved too. Let me tell you something honestly, the only people who got through the line and got themselves transformed were those- 1. Who believed in hardwork 2. Who never gave any excuses 3. Who were patient with the results 4. Who acted but not reacted. 5. Who were always hungry to work more. 6. Who were always ready to learn more and get better. 7. Who were ready to accept the mistakes and correct them putting their ego aside. 8. Who never gave a single excuse for not being able to do something. 9. Who focused on solutions instead of problems 10. Who trusted the process and believed in themselves. 11. Who never compared with someone else 12. Who tried to understand and study their body response. 13. Who never lost focus and focused on changing their lifestyle. 14. Who never put a time period against their results. 15. Who never compromised. Neither diet, nor workout. 16. Who had a very good work ethic and were true to themselves. 17. Who had the attitude - "let it take how much ever time it takes, I am going to keep working harder every single day, because it's my choice" There might be many other good things which made them what they are. But believe me, it's not just a physical transformation, it's a mental one too! PS - For people who directly skipped reading the above post to say - "My weight is not reducing" --->> C'mon buddy! C'mon!!!!!!
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