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Procrastinating Fitness?

How many times did it happen that you decided to start with diet or workout but did not begin? That you will go to the gym from next Monday or the 1st of the month. There is a family function, a party, an outing in coming week/s, you’ve got too much work load, lo and behold, you got your reason to postpone again for the nth time! But what if you can manage those events and still be on track? Did you think of that?

We have a nasty habit of procrastination. While that may be okay when the things to do are not so important, like buying something your wife/husband asked you to :P (don’t try this at your home) but when it comes to your health, you should NOT procrastinate. Period. Now, I understand most of us are very busy nowadays with our work and social responsibilities. But that does not mean it is impossible to stay fit and healthy. You don’t have to go all guns blazing from day one itself. Start slowly. Identify what are your problems, what are your goals, how can you achieve them? Write all of that down. Once you got all that, start with one good habit a day. You don’t drink enough water? Set a reminder in phone and increase your water intake slowly. You don’t need to go from drinking a 1-1.5 in a day to 5-6 litres immediately. You cannot give up on certain foods? Try to include those into your plan. Start following a diet which is sustainable to you. Don’t follow something just because your friend got quick results or because someone said it’s better if you are not able to stick to it. Similarly, start with a workout routine which you can fit into your schedule, be it at home or gym and which will work all your major muscle groups. Don’t try to do everything in the first week to look like Arnold . There may be innumerable reasons that are causing hurdles to start your journey. Find out how you can get rid of them. You should develop a mindset such that you will follow a healthy lifestyle not only when it is convenient. Write down your entire day/week schedule and analyse which activities are important and which can be skipped. Reduce the amount of time you spend doing non-productive stuff and utilise that elsewhere. Be persistent in finding a workaround and stay consistent when you start it. Let me know the challenges you are facing, and we will try to find a solution. Cheers! 😊 If you don’t start somewhere, you’re gonna go nowhere. – Bob Marley

Reena Sharma

fab just need to have that strong mindset to achieve the goals

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