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Process is more important than the goal !

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So a lot of you would have set your fitness goals for this year and some of you would have even started to work towards them.

But before we even start chasing our goals, let us understand one thing - now that you have set your goals, Be it specific or non specific, it's time to forget about the goals that you created and focus on the process as to how are you going to achieve that goal ! This is exactly where people do mistakes. They set their goals and blindly start working towards them without giving a thought about the process which they are going to go through. So why is the process so much important ? 1. It gives you a direction and prevents you from getting lost. If the process is set, you will always be moving in the right direction. Gadha majoori Karne me maza ayega ? Nahi! So if you have a road map and a set process, you will never lose the direction towards the goal. This is just like you setting a destination in the Google map where the maps help you with the directions. Faltu me U turn lete rahoge to frustrate hi hoge na! 2. It helps you understand the amount of effort you are going to need to reach your goals. If the process is set right, it will help you quantify your required efforts. This is generally where you will come to know if your goal is fat fetched or realistic. It will also help you assess your current position and understand the required skill set that are going to be needed to reach where you want to be. Most of the people tend to give up here because this actually makes you realise how far you are from your goal. This is just like seeing a lot of red blocks in your Google maps once you set your destination. This is where you realise the time and effort which you are going to need to reach your destination. 3. It teaches you something new about yourself at each and every step. If the process is set right and if you put the entire focus on the process, then I am sure it's going to teach you or reveal something new about yourself at every single step, you just need to be aware to realise this. In this way, you learn more about your hidden self. This is where people explore about the blind spot and the unknown quadrant of your johari window. (I took the personality development classes seriously, lol) To the people who have transformed themselves successfully - I am talking about the moment when you surprised yourself with your own performance. Jab tum kuch aisa Kar Gaye Jo ajtak tumne socha bhi nahi tha ki Kar jaoge ! Ab samjha ? This is just like you controlling and abstaining yourself from cursing while driving the car at silk board in Bangalore at peak hours just because you have your girlfriend sitting next to you ;-) Lastly, when you reach your goal, you feel different about yourself not because you achieved your goal but it was the process which helped you get evolve ! And for a lot of people, who fail to achieve their goals, it's not a failure to be honest. You went through the process, learnt so much about yourself which you would never have if it hadn't been for your goals, understood your mistakes just so that you get back at them and do better next time !

kumar abhimanyu

This is such an important point to understand.We all get excited while setting our goals, but when it comes to following the process, things tend to become monotonous and thats when most of us quit. On a lighter note "Silk board and its traffic manages to find a place everywhere"😜

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