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Prime vs Non-Prime things in fat loss

In this article, I am listing out the prime things that need to be taken care for fat loss and non-prime things which people usually get worried about.

Coming to the prime things first, 1) Calorie Deficit: No matter what diet you follow, if you are not in calories deficit you are not going to see the results. 2) Protein: To retain muscles and target fat loss one needs the protein. So, have appropriate protein in your diet. 3) Resistance Training: Give muscles a reason to stay. Train all muscle groups to retain them when in deficit. 4) Water Intake: 75% of our body is filled with water and water plays a key role in our body. So always try to maintain at least 4-5litres of water per day. 5) Digestion: Have enough fibres to avoid digestion issues. 6) Sleep and Stress levels: Sleep and stress also play an important role in fat loss. So, maintain a good amount of sleep and always keep your stress level low. Then there are things which you shouldn’t be worried much, 1) Carb to Fat ratios: Most people worry about the ratios of carbs and fat. Just make sure that your die has appropriate fats and you can adjust the remaining calories with carbs. 2) Cardio: Give priority to the weight training when your goal is fat loss and do cardio in addition if you have time for it, just to burn some additional calories. 3) Supplements and fat burners: Supplements should be used to supplement the diet and shouldn’t be used as a major part of the diet. Fat burners are just a waste of money, hence avoid them and save some money. 4) Meal Timing: The prime focus should be on completing the total calories and macros of the day. 5) Protein Split: Though there is a little added advantage of splitting the protein, your major focus should be on completing the day’s protein and then you can focus on protein split if It is possible for you. 6) The best diet: Stop searching for the best and choose the diet which you can sustain and reach your goals.

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