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Preventive measures to be taken if in case you are going to the gym.

I see there are lot of queries and doubts regarding this so just thought to address it with the things I do.

Can you hit the gym at this current scenario ? It depends on the severity of infection in your country or state. If the severity is not much then you can follow few preventive measures which can be really helpful to keep the virus away ! 🦠If you are having work from home at then try to hit the gym around after noon because the gym at the that time is likely be less crowded . 🦠 If you are going to the gym at peak time or not you have to carry a sanitizer or a rubbing alcohol and mix it with water (50:50) so that you can continuously use in the gym after touching your dumbells or equipments. 🦠After your workout clean your accessories like phone earphones headset with sanitizer or the alcohol rub . 🦠 Carry your water from home rather filling it from the gym filter . 🦠Try not to touch your face with your hands frequently instead try to use a wipe or a tissue 🦠Once you reach home try to put your clothes immediately for washing. 🦠Do not wait too long and get a shower at the earliest. I hope the post was helpful ! Thanks for reading ! Share as much possible


I appreciate this post but I will still recommend to avoid the gym. It isn't safe , for example if someone coughs you still breathe the same air and also you may touch the door handle (people forget to clean that etc) This isn't a common virus. The numbers of infected and deaths increase fast. I am saying all this because I'm facing this right now in my country (NL). So please do stay safe and don't underestimate this virus.

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