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Exercise Science

PART 5 - IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF EXERCISING DURING PREGNANCY Activity level matters a lot when it comes down to pregnancy. • It can help you to reduce your stress levels, control your weight, improve your circulation, better sleep and the most important to boost your mood. • It can also help to decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue. • It can ease the most common problems women face about constipation and also strengthen your heart and blood vessels. • Proper warmups and stretchings pre and post-workout help in building the flexibility of the muscles and to maintain proper posture. • Exercises during pregnancy have also shown evidence to manage gestational diabetes and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery. • Along with exercise, you can also add a combination of other activities such as Pilates, yoga, swimming, walking but always ensure you check with your doctor first before starting any physical activity. • Always understand the needs of your body and don't overdo it. • If your activity levels were less in the past, you can start your activities in moderation after consulting your doctors but don't start with any new random exercise routines available on the internet. It differs from individual to individual. • Exercises will definitely help in speedy and timely recovery post-delivery and also will ensure improvement in the baby's health. Link of Part 1 👇 Link of Part 2 👇 Link of Part 3 👇 Link of Part 4 👇 References :!po=5.76923

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