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Pregnancy and weight training !!

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🤰🏻The post pregnancy weight loss has become a major problem when it comes to losing weight you have gained.

🤰🏻Few people say that exercising while pregnancy isn't good but it has a lot of benefit to it . 🤰🏻Exercise in general, and weight training in particular, can strengthen supporting muscles and lessen the back pain and overall muscle and joint weakness associated with pregnancy. 🤰🏻The benefits of weight training in pregnancy 🤰🏻Fewer problems experienced during childbirth. 🤰🏻Enhanced post natal recovery. 🤰🏻Minimum weight gain after delivery 🤰🏻Lower incidence of backaches. 🤰🏻Increased energy levels. 🤰🏻Increased flexibility. 🤰🏻Better circulation of blood. 🤰🏻Greater muscle strength and coordination, which helps with adjusting to increased body weight and changes in balance. 🤰🏻How should I use weights safely during my pregnancy? 🤰🏻Light weights should be used for all exercises to prevent any unnecessary stresses or strains. The rational for using these exercises exclusively, as part of the weight training component of an exercise routine, is they focus primarily on the areas that tend to weaken the most due to pregnancy. 🤰🏻Lighter weights with higher repetitions will be a good approach. 🤰🏻Training your lower body and core should be the top priority . 🤰🏻When I say core doesn't mean you need to abdominal exercises I meant to add exercises like planks which helps to strengthen your core and strengthen your abdominal muscles . I hope the post was useful. Thanks for reading !! Image courtesy- Tony Gentilcore

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when and how to start post delivery workout.

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