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He helps my father in his business. Meet Praladh, this dude is just 19 years old.

Do you think he uses bcaa, creatine, fish oils or protein? ( I am not against using RESEARCH BACKED supplements) (What I am trying to say is there are a lot of things which can be first corrected before jumping on to supplements) On a detailed conversation with him, he changed the definition of “FATIGUE” for me. Here is his daily routine in brief - Praladh wakes up around 3 am and goes for fishing. He spends around 2 hours fishing and swimming. - He then goes to the nearby market to sell fish. - By 11 am he has to reach the shop. Now here comes the interesting part, His house is approximately 20 kms away from my dad’s shop. 🤯🤯 So he cycles 40 km a day, swims and works the entire day yet there is a smile on his face. Never did I find him complaining about his tough life. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 His diet mainly consists of fish and rice. And his appetite is larger than mine. Conclusion 1. Genetics and lifestyle - Genetics has a big role to play in the way you look. This being said there are many people who have the genetics but their lifestyle isn’t active. An active daily routine can beat the genetics over a long period of time (This i am saying from the point of general wellness, not for bodybuilding ) 2. Do you think you are anywhere close to the activity level of this boy? (My activity level is not even 1/4th of his). The point is there will always be someone who works harder than you. Hence we should take a lesson from them to change our perspective towards "I really work hard" 3. Supplements are good provided you have prioritised other factors like your diet and lifestyle. (I have come across many people who believe that there might be some magical substance which I will offer and they will transform. You earn a good physique by blood and sweat) 4. Smile even when the situation is tough. There is always someone who has lesser than us and is still happy. 5. Thank God for everything you have. Hope this post brings positivity and motivation to all the people out there.

Kalyan Chakravarthy Kanuri

A sweet story carrying lot of inspiration .🙏💪

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