Arpit Kushwaha

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Power of small efforts

We humans have evolved in such a way that we tend to fall for instant gratification. It’s pretty common and happens with everyone. If we don’t see immediate results after doing anything we lose the motivation to do it and we quit. We have grown as hunter and gatherer and if we don’t see immediate threat or rewards, we hardly act. This behavior is not restricted to any particular thing but we do this in all the aspects of our life. Today I’m writing this same thing in the context of fitness. Let’s say you plan to get fit and want to start your fitness journey. You diet for a day or two, you don’t see results and quit. You start working out and do your exercises religiously for a week or two but then you feel bored and you quit. But think it this way for once – You won’t lose weight just after having a healthy meal. You won’t see wings just after your first pull up. And of course, you won’t see any growth in your chest after your first push up. Perhaps you won’t see any change after your 100th push-ups or even after 1000th… but would you see any change after 3000 push-ups? Yes? Now listen, If you do 10 push-ups a day, that’s 300 push-ups a month and 3000 push-ups in 10 months. But to complete 3000 push-ups you have to start with doing 10 push-ups a day at least. When you lose 300gms a week, you say it’s just 300 gms this week but imagine losing 300 gms every week continuously for 24 weeks or more. Imagine doing whatever you are doing consistently for months and years and you will be surprised with what you will achieve. Journey to achieve your dream physique starts with doing 1 push up, 1 pull up or losing 1 pound but it completes when you keep doing these things consistently without falling prey to instant rewards. Keep grinding. Cheers!

Tanvir Gonal

Absolutely spot on!

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