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Post your transformation story

Ever came across people who say stuff like:

"My progress isn't good enough" "I can't lift heavy" I have one question: COMPARED TO WHO? The expectations you set for yourself in the first place were based on some success story you saw online. All you see are insiprational success stories of someone's true grit and hardwork and all that jazz. But hey, have you ever thought about this: the others who were trying, all of them weren't giving any less than 100% of their efforts. There were many who had put in the same efforts as the "winners" but didn't get the same results. Does that really make them any less of a success? Point is: social media isn't made for flaunting the normal. People post only their major successes because that IS WORTH FLAUNTING. But we, the onlookers, only come across stories of success and easily slide into the notion that, THIS IS THE NORM. That you're less That you are broken That you need fixing! The working housewife who handles the kids and her household alongwith a day job, who managed to make time for exercise and following a diet, who made time for herself, who made a massive change in her life and stuck with the grind despite all the responsibilities, she will be made to feel like she hasn't made any progress, COMPARED TO "THE NORM". So here's my stupid opinion: your progress is phenomenal in it's own way. Ignoring everything that you see around you, if right now, you are better than you were a couple of weeks ago, and have plans of being better than right now in the next couple of weeks, then you are winning at this game. Also, post your "normal story" everywhere you can. Someone somewhere is going through the same troubles that you were going to a few months ago, and thinking that this shit is not for them, just like you did a few months ago, and is ready to give up already, if by the smallest of the chances that person comes across your story, you will be responsible for restoring her faith in herself. Your story matters to a lot of people. Keep posting, make real normal the new insta-normal. Cheers!


❤️ thanks for inspiring!👍. I've been feeling very low since last 2 weeks coz of very low progress in my weight loss (especially after seeing so many success stories on this platform). your words are truly motivating. thanks!! 😊

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