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Planning your fitness journey

Fat Loss
Planning your fitness journey

It’s the beginning of the year and we are pretty excited to slay our fitness goals. Most of us join the gym with lots of enthusiasm but then we quit after some time. So, here I wrote this article to explain to you how can you plan your fitness journey & succeed. Start with goal setting first, write down what is your goal? For example, I want to be consistent or I want to lose XYZ kgs. Then ask yourself what all you need to do for it? Have to show to the gym, have to make sure that all my meals are planned I’m staying active I’m staying hydrated So, plan your day in such a way that you don’t miss any of these. Set milestones Let’s say your target is to lose 15 kgs in six months (because your goals have to be realistic too). You decide that I’ll have 3 milestones of losing 5 kgs each. Divide your 6 months by 3 and it comes to 2 months. So, make a milestone that I’ll lose 5 kgs every 8 weeks. That’s pretty doable while enjoying your food & social life simultaneously. Write down all the daily activities that you need to do to achieve these small milestones. And most importantly don’t forget to write down, how would you feel after losing your targeted weight. What difference it will make in your life, what more opportunity it will bring to you. For somebody it can be, being able to run a 10 km or climbing a hill without fainting, or being able to hold your baby in your arms and play with him. If you are clear about this thing you will stay motivated too. Try these things and see how you will nail your fitness journey like a pro.

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