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Pizza for weight loss???

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Need to lose weight but the idea of boring, bland foods is putting you off even trying? Well guess what - you can eat pizza & still lose weight! I have had pizza three times this week already & my total body weight & body fat % have been continuing to trend downwards (in line with my current goals). The key, as mentioned many times before on FITTR, is quantified nutrition - calculate a target daily calorie intake & corresponding macros for you to be in a calorie deficit based on your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), then track your food intake to ensure you stay on target. As long as you are staying within your daily calorie & macro goals by tracking your foods, there is no reason for you not to eat the foods you enjoy! 👍👍

If pizza is your thing, then make it yourself at home using quality ingredients - pizzas from takeaway outlets & restaurants can be very calorie dense, & will easily chew up your full days macros/calories and leave you with none to spare for anything else! Pizza on Lebanese bread, with high quality beef strips, tomatoes, spinach, pizza sauce, lite shredded mozzarella, & fat free mayo C:49, F:11, P:54, 523kcal Recipe credit: Isaac Pascua

Dr Prajakta Jadhav

Could you please share ingredients used in grams and their individual macros. Marcos seems wrong. Please shed some light on this.

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