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Physical Activity and Mental Health

Physical Activity and Mental Health:

It feels so heavy sometimes, as if the whole world has turned into an isolated place with so much hostility around. I don’t know if I will surf the wave of good feeling again.... is there any way out or salvation? Quite depressing! Well this is the truth of today’s world where majority of people irrespective of age, place, and gender are suffering from mental illness. Depression, anxiety, panic disorders are some of the common issues around. With such mental health issues comes inactivity and with that comes some serious physical health issues. It becomes a vicious cycle of a mental and physical health problems where things move round and round with no definitive cure. To break the cycle of suffering we need to bring some positive interventions and that has to be something which can motivate, raise the confidence level and bring a sense of positivity. “PHYSICAL ACTIVITY” Caution: Physical activity is not the one stop answer for all the mental health issues. One should seek consultation if the issues are on advance level or chronic in nature. People suffering from mental health issues are mostly sedentary in nature which gives rise to a lot of physical health problems, which in return worsens the condition. Physical activity along with medication and meditation has shown some positive improvement in the mental and physical conditioning. With change in body composition there will be an improvement in self confidence and esteem which in return can improve the mental health conditions. Physical activity doesn’t have to be expensive or of any particular type. Aerobics, strength training, flexible or combined training any outdoor game can be helpful. To begin with, 20 – 30 min of walk for a complete sedentary person can bring about great changes. Sustainable approach should be implemented in terms of training; else vigorous training can lead to over training and may cause more damage than good especially in the case of anorexia nervosa and panic attack, people belonging to special and senior citizen group. Approach, activity type, intensity, volume and the overall structure should be managed based on the individual’s acceptance threshold. There are many theories and hypothesis which are being studied to bring new inexpensive methodologies which can help in curing the root cause issues. Physical activity has shown some promising results, and more is being researched now. For now I can say, may be life is not that bad, and we can find the answers to our sufferings within us.

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