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You browse through your mobile, open up SQUATS group and start seeing these amazing and unbelievable transformations. You think to yourself "wow, I wish even I could transform myself into something this amazing" and start day dreaming, ignoring the numerous pains that the person (in the pic) took to transform him/herself.

Immediately the next day, you start discussing with your friends about getting on to a fitness journey showing them all the possibilities what a human body could transform into if he sincerely follows his Fitness Regime. Trying to keep away all the self-doubts and after a lot of procrastination, you actually start your Fitness Regime. You start ordering the grocery, start looking at the workout videos and start planning your day by trying to blend the new Fitness Regime in your daily routine. Days pass by; 1-2 weeks pass by... And then the struggle starts - Your friends with whom you discussed about getting onto this routine start asking you -- "Hey, you still look the same, is the diet even working?" "Enough of your drama, you won't be able to diet and all, all this never works, you leave gym and diet and you will be back to your normal shape" "What's the use of doing all this hard work, just eat and live your life happily" "If every time, you are going to avoid parties and stuff, when will you enjoy your life" Etc. etc. etc... All these comments starts shaking your mental strength and suddenly, you find yourself into a pool of self-doubt where you start thinking too much about the results and lose the focus over the process. Not just your friends, sometimes it’s your own family which turns against you because they don't understand nutrition and training. (Sad but true) Sometimes, it's those "Chaar Log" who your parents keep worrying about. Yes, the relatives!! And altogether you suddenly find yourself where - 1. You have started explaining the basics of nutrition and training to everyone. 2. You start teaching them what macros are and how important is it to measure your daily food intake. 3. You lose all your focus on your training and nutrition. And now your only goal is to convince everyone who opposes you to be on this journey. 4. You start seeking acceptance from everyone else without which you just cannot diet and train. 5. Finally, you land up where you think to yourself "I really want to lose fat but I don't know what to do, everyone keeps opposing me whatever I try to do" If you can relate to everything written above, congratulations!! You are a victim of Peer pressure! So what's the solution? 1. Try to understand the basic science and logic behind fat loss. 2. Keep it to yourself unless asked come what may. No one needs to know you are on a diet. Tell them it's just that you have done some modifications to your eating pattern and that's it. 3. Stop paying any attention to anyone, even if it's your best pal, because you are smart enough to take your own decisions about what you need to eat and what you have to avoid. 4. No one, literally no one can force you to do something you don't want to. Stand up for yourself. Remember, food, clothing and shelter are 3 basic things which are personal and cannot be forced down on anyone. 5. Never lose your focus from your goals. 6. Prioritize PROCESS over RESULTS. If the process is right, results ought to follow. 7. Stop seeking for social acceptance. It's just temporary. Sooner or later, you are going to transform if you stick to the process and once done, society is again going to accept you. And lastly, always, always and always remember -------> YOUR GOALS >>>>>> anyone's opinion! Let not a fat layman who doesn't know a thing about nutrition or training give you some “Gyaan” (Not having any scientific relevance) which might make your dream of TRANSFORMING YOURSELF a far too distant one. Keep grinding guys! Kuch toh log kahenge ! Logon ka kaam hai kehna ! And han, bolne se nahi, #KarneSeHoga


amazing write up ... this s so true .. it made me smile and look at wat exactly im doing 👍thanks

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