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[PART - 5] Exercise Technique: Weight Lifting Belts When and Why to wear them?

Exercise Science
Last part of this series will focus on how you can effectively use weight lifting belts to improve your exercise technique. Weight lifting belts increases the intra-abdominal pressure which improves your performance in gym

Evidence Based Benefits > Lift heavier - Wearing a weight lifting belt allows to create intra-abdominal pressure making the torso rigid and reducing the sheer stress on the spine. > Lift lighter - For the same reason as explained above, studies have shown lifter moving weight much quicker when compared to belt-less lifts. > More strength and muscle gains - Wearing belts allows you to work at higher volumes and intensities leading to more strength and muscle gains in long run. When to wear them? > For exercises which stress the lower back > For sets when lifting heavy (Maximal, Sub-maximal loads) When not to wear them? > For exercises that do not stress the lower back > For exercises that stress the lower back when performed at lighter loads So next time when you go to the gym, try and remember these pointers before initiating your lifts. Hope this article helps you. Let me know if you wish to know about anything specific. Comment your exercise-related question below. Or feel free to reach out! Yash Kaushik | Fittr Coach


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