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[PART - 3] Exercise Technique: Exercise Posture! Limb Positioning for stability and safety

Exercise Science
Must have heard coaches and trainers focusing on the right form and posture during exercise to avoid injuries and get optimal performance. But what’s the correct way to do exercises? What all things to keep in mind? Let’s learn -

Exercises performed in a standing position > Feet planted wider than hip-width > Heels and Balls of feet with ground contact (Tripod foot stance) What’s a Tripod foot stance? Our foot is basically like a tripod stand. For you to achieve complete posture stability your body weight should be evenly distributed like the three pods of a tripod stand. All three pods should be in contact with the ground. If not, then the pod loses balance and gets unstable. When our foot is out of position (arch collapse) stability and power are lost. The three points of the tripod foot - Heel The base of 1st toe The base of 5th toe With a more stable base, it allows us to move more efficiently. Many other movements related problems are solved simply by solidifying the base. Exercises performed in a seated and supine (lying face up) position Five-point body contact position 1. Head placed on the bench or back pad 2. Shoulder or upper back evenly set on the bench or back pad 3. Glutes placed evenly on the bench 4. The right foot is flat on the floor 5. The left foot is flat on the floor These five body contact positioning establishes maximum stability and spinal support. So next time when you go to the gym, try and remember these pointers before setting up for any exercise - standing, seated, or supine. Hope this article helps you. Let us know if you wish to know about anything specific. If you have exercises related questions then feel free to reach out or comment on your questions below. Yash Kaushik | Fittr Coach

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