Priyanka Pal Chowdhury

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Parameters to measure your progress

Fitness Myths
When we start our journey the one number / scale that we get obsessed with is our weight.

We treat our weight as ultimate and optimal measurement for our progress. Yes off course it is one of the factors to measure our progress but it is the only? If you lose fat and someone notices you, will that person be more interested knowing your weight, rather than appreciating your progress? I think not. So, focus on the other parameters to measure your progress than being obsessed over just one. Your weight alone doesn't define your progress. There are other parameters like * Body measurements * Energy level * Performance * Flexibility * Activity * Visibility * Cloth fitting Etc. Probably you are progressing, you just need to understand and know, how to access your progress. . . . . . #fatlossmotivation #infs #infsscholar #personalcoach #transformationgoals #fittr #bongirlifts #bodytransformations #fatlosscoaching #weightlosscoaching #fitindian #fittrwithsquats #fittrcoach
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