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# Overthinking #

----------------- Did you know? Thinking too much triggers your thought process especially the negative thoughts. You will often notice when you think over again and again but take no action not because you don’t want to but because you are too confused, afraid or the way if it doesn’t work? zone. You feel hopeless and sad. This can be cumbersome at a point. You are always worried about how to stop thinking or suppress your worries isn’t it. ? So should you stop thinking? Take an example of Tata’s and Ambani’s. Had it not been a thought inside their brain, their empire would not exist. So should you think ?. Let’s see. Thinking is n’t bad if channelized in a direction. When engaged in thinking you should make sure about two things your ‘Belief’ and ‘Proof of concept’. As an instance I believe that God exists, I am clear in my head that I haven’t met him but spiritually I believe about his existence somewhere. I also believe that the positive energy from the universe is an ideal proof of concept of his existence, the birds chirping, the birth or death, the existence of mankind. Everything in the universe has a cause beneath. However on the other side if I just run over the traditional belief from the society worrying about where would they build temple and idols or how can I let him/her down you are distracted, start thinking as the universe does and you end up screwing yourself. You keep walking and believing on someone ’s path. I also hear it all the time “ I feel sad when I think over a problem" so should I not be worried about my problems? you should but take your problems with a calm and composed way. If you are sad about something and can’t change it why worry? If you can change then why worry? Ok, You worry about your health and well being all the time, Its really hard to get rid of the weight, give up junk food, get up early for jog or training isn’t is? But if you do this regularly it brings you one step closer to your goal each day. When the world is sleeping, You are working your ass off. When the world is feeding everything, you have the courage to say no, make choices. Congratulations, this is a step to take control over yourself. The art of Inner peace ….. The mind is like a monkey wanting to jump from one corner of the tree to the other. Keep it busy all the time. Being busy also means be productive, creative or what you like to do, develop a habit. so that your thoughts adapt eventually. Studies have confirmed that your brain shrinks itself if not used. By the way, the biggest enemy to being productive is ‘DISTRACTION’. You can easily be distracted but it takes balls to concentrate. I haven’t taught concentration in school. As as a child, we are asked to concentrate on our homework, our food, as a grown-up we are asked to concentrate on our job our assignments, as a parent we are told to concentrate on our children wellbeing, isn’t it. But no one teaches us how to concentrate. However we are distracted all our lives, and to cover up we call it multi-tasking. However, there isn’t anything as such just concentration or distraction. Learn to concentrate … When you talk to your friend, spouse, children, boss, subordinates or sibling give them your undivided attention and see if you can live without looking at your cell phones till you are with them. This is the first step to concentration. Your mind has only one thing holding at this time, you will feel calm. When you are calm you will be able to find out what was it that triggered your thinking. What can you do about it? The second step to concentration is to be with yourself for at least ten minutes in a day. Yes, we forget to do that. Be with yourself. Feel the quietness inside you. It can be very hazardous but once you discover yourself you can easily identify and dilute your thought process. The monkey inside you has to calm. Follow this and let us make it better than Ambani’s and Tata’s. Cheers. IC : Pinterest

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