Balivada Sravan Kumar

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Most of the beginners who compare themselves with others in the gym and feel disappointed to go to gym can relate to this post. Most of us compare ourselves with the big guys in the gym and gets demotivated as we are not as huge as them and our lifts are not as great as theirs. Do we need to compare ourselves with them? The answer is big no. Even the huge guys with great strength and good body have started from the same stage as yours and reached that level with their consistency and their efforts. So instead of getting demotivated by looking at them, take them as an inspiration and be consistent with the workout and diet. With consistency, one day your strength, fitness, health everything gets improved. Also, can stand as an inspiration for others. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner, everyone is a beginner at one stage. If you are fat, if you are thin, if you are weak it doesn’t matter. Everyone comes to the gym to transform and have their own goals. Work on your goals and you are going to inspire 100s of others to transform their lifestyle and eating habits.
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