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Overcoming childhood obesity

- Dr. Sushma Pachouri

Recent studies claim that obesity is on the rise not just in older adults but in children and younger people as well. If your child’s BMI is greater than the 95% norm according to his/her age and gender, then it is indeed a matter of concern. Many factors can cause obesity in children such as - genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, binge watching TV or even eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa, emotional eating etc. How can we avoid obesity? 1. Lead by example: If you want to inculcate healthy habits in your child then first you need to practice those habits yourself. 2. Get moving: Involve your child in a physical activity like swimming or a competitive sport. 3. Hydration: Encourage your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day; this will teach him/her how to differentiate between the sensation of hunger and thirst. 4. Small steps: Restricting sugar completely might make the child sneak it in behind your back so try to incorporate mindful eating instead. 5. Monitor the idiot screens: Limit the time for watching TV or any screen to no more than two hours a day. Obesity is a lifestyle disorder that can be reversed by making small mindful changes!

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