Sumit Rana

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One Year Old You

I am tired of trying, moment I take a step forward, I fall down! I have lost count of how many times I have fallen down! I think I’m a failure, I should stop trying, This isn’t for me, I guess I’m not made for this. The process is too slow, It took me months to stand of my feet and I couldn’t even take one step without falling, Life is so unfair to me, This happens only with me look at others who are so successfully running around! I give up!

Confused? Let me explain! Had you thought like the above statements when you were one-year-old child learning how to walk and quit at that moment, You would have never walked in your life! Agreed? Now read again above paragraph keeping in mind your fitness journey/ professional journey/ personal relationship/ life as a whole, how many times you have said exactly these things to yourself? My point is, Press a refresh button of your mind to be that 1 year old when you learned how to walk, When you were not afraid of trying, of constant failure, of being mocked at for falling again and again. Keep that "One-year-old You" attitude towards any problems you are facing In life, be it fitness or any other aspect. Keep trying and be consistent with your efforts, one day you will run on the same path where keeping even one step is a challenge today! Picture credit and inspiration for this article, my one year old daughter Allya- She is learning to walk 😊 #fitnessjourney #beginner #fitnesscoach #workout #fittrcoach #twars #transformation #howtogetfit #motivation

Preeti Dugar

Cool, actually motivational..

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