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Often I have seen many people who blame and complain about their will power, their mindset, their lack of motivation to reach their fitness goals. Have you ever realized what's the actual problem? Here's the thing, One of your office colleagues did an amazing transformation within 12weeks (but he actually started his efforts since past 8months) and you started running behind him asking about how he achieved it. Since he mentioned 12 weeks, you set that target in your mind. You need to understand, The main problem here is you have started setting up a very advanced goal than your current skill just by looking at his transformation of 12weeks and not understanding his efforts from past 8months. Setting up an advanced goal is absolutely right, but you need to understand, to achieve all the fitness goals you need to make them easier and sustainable by breaking them down to small and manageable steps and gradually proceed towards your goals. Example - if you are having 1 liter of water daily which is very less and someone tells you 4-6 liters is mandatory. Now, what you will do? Will you start having 4-6 liters of water immediately the next day and stay in the washroom for 70% of the time. Or will you slowly and gradually increase your water intake like 1.5 liters to 2.5 liters in next 7-10 days and over the period of time reach to your goal of 6 liters. Yes, the second option is the best which you can follow and make a habit for a longer run. So the bottom line is, One step at a time is key to success. Always try to start early (at right time), go slowly (without rushing and with the right approach) and reach safely towards your destination. So do you rush towards your goals ? 😜

nisha aggarwal

hahaha...very well said Omkar!

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