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Fitness Myths
Refeed days are days in which you increase your carbs to maintenance levels or sometimes even more, during your diet phase.

One day of refeed is not going to increase your metabolism. One day of refeed is not going to boost your hormone levels. You need more than 24 hours of carbs overfeeding to reset your leptin, thyroid, testosterone and other hormone levels. But it will return to baseline or even drop further when in the deficit again. Longer refeeds have completely different positive effect altogether. Now, some people do see weight loss after the refeed. But that’s quite obvious. Deficit = Body under stress = Might hold water. So more food = less stress = might not hold water. In the end, this is about increasing caloric intake reducing total body water. Hence, weight loss and fat loss are completely different. Refeed can improve gym performance and can improve your aesthetic appearance as well (Because of glycogen replenishment) and the most important – Adherence. Why? Because more food = jaw dropping happiness. That’s where our psychological factor kicks in. Bottom Line – One day of refeed will not boost your metabolism, hormone levels or increase fat loss. If you want metabolic advantages, probably you are going to need longer periods than the just one day of refeed.
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