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One Act Of Kindness

One day, Lord Buddha and the King met a poor priest begging for alms. Feeling pity, the King gave him a diamond ring.

The grateful priest started for home. On his way, he saw a hungry man. But the selfish man refused to share his wealth. At home, he thought: “I must keep this ring safe”. He hid it inside a pot and went to sleep. The priest’s wife came home while he was sleeping & took the pot to the stream to collect water. Alas, the diamond ring got swept away. The next day, the priest again stood outside the palace. This time, Lord Buddha gave him a small copper coin. The King said, “But my Lord, that won’t even buy him lunch”. The Buddha said, “Let’s see what happens”. On his way home, the priest saw a fisherman and stuck in his net was a small fish. Feeling pity, the man bought the fish with his copper coin. He put the fish into his small water pot and saved it. Suddenly, the fish coughed up something - the diamond ring! The priest couldn’t believe his luck. The King saw this and bowed to The Buddha. “My Lord, I now understand.” MORAL: One small act of kindness is greater than all the wealth in the world. The riches and rewards that come into your life when you act with kindness are bigger than you can ever imagine.

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