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Obesity in Children!

Obesity in Children!

If your kid is obese, trust me – you are not alone! Childhood Obesity is a common problem. But it’s much more than a physical problem. Over time, obese children start developing low self-esteem, poor social skills and depression. This, in addition to the fact that they are exposed to diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, sleep disorders and high blood pressure at a very early age. As a parent, you need to be worried if your child is obese. But, as with any lifestyle disease, this isn’t a permanent state. The question is - how can you change your child’s lifestyle and encourage them to make healthier choices? So many of us are working on changing our lifestyles, losing weight, eating healthy, and working out to get into better shape and live a healthy life. But do kids need to do this too? Or do we say what so many parents choose to say – “Let them eat whatever they want! After all, they’re just kids!” Nope, not at all. Not if you want your children to be healthy. Yes they do need the occasional treat – note the use of the term “occasional” - but this needn’t be junk food. While they don't need to follow a particular diet, they do need to make better food choices. And that’s where you come in as the parent. You need to make those choices for them. Children are great imitators; they do what they see us doing. They eat what they see us eating. So, if you want your child to be healthy, change your lifestyle first, so that they follow you. If you eat junk food, then expect them to also eat junk food. This is especially important. Kids need a variety of nutrients from food for proper growth and development at this age. That’s why a wholesome diet is important for them and not a calorie-dense one. Serve them whole food so that they avoid munching and are full for long. Keep them away from soft drinks and desserts and use them as treats only. Serve them meals on time. Include lots of fruits and vegetables as well. Do they need to join gym? Not really. At that age, kids need to be active. Get them involved in any outdoor activity such as dance, cricket, cycling, or whatever they like to do. Children who are involved in sedentary activities such as video games, mobile, TV tend to gain weight. Let’s also not rule out the possibility that emotional issues are triggering over-eating. Children tend to overeat to cope up with family problems or too much stress due to studies. Talk to your kids, ask them how they’re doing. Get them to open up to you about their problems. Sleep also plays a very important role for proper growth. Make sure they get enough sleep. These are some simple ways to inculcate healthier habits in kids. Comment below if you have any other ideas/suggestions.

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what is idle weight for 10 yrs old boy.My son weigh abt 46 kg.Is he over weight?

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